We are a Non for Profit association, officially incorporated in Edmonton in February 2009. Our community has been growing over the last 10 years with more people coming in town from various parts of the world, thus adding the the vitality of the city of Edmonton.

We like to stay connected that is why we meet once every month to share ideas to help us build a stronger community.

if you have an idea we would love to hera from you!

Serving My People

With the new dynamic wind blowing through the Cameroonian community in Edmonton, the CAE has seen its membership double in the space of a month. The explanations are diverse and plethora. “For a stronger community…” such a slogan invites us to get involved together, as volunteers for the development of our community. How can such an objective be achieved? We propose here, the implementation not of a project, but of a volunteer program with reward, which
is intended to be structural. We call it “SERVING MY PEOPLE

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