About Us


It’s a Non for Profit association, officially incorporated in Edmonton in February 2009. However the Cameroonian community of Edmonton has been participating in the life of this city since the early 1980s. Because of its small size then, the need for incorporating the association did not seem critical. However, since early 2000, the community has consistently grown in number to warrant incorporating the association.

Our Vision

The vision of the CAE-ACE is to allow its members to promote and strengthen a feeling of belonging. A spirit of unity and solidarity in order to foster integration and achievement of full potential in the new land they proudly call home. The ultimate goal is to ensure a clear and strong visibility of the Cameroonian community in Edmonton. This can only be achieved by working closely with all regional associations emerging in town as they promote our cultural diversity by bringing together Cameroonians from the same ethnic area/group.

The Cameroonian Association of Edmonton is a dynamic structure, aspiring to the welfare of people of Cameroonian origin residing Edmonton. It strives to create an environment favourable to its members’ Professional integration, education, as well as making available to its members an environment that fosters knowledge of cultural values of their new environment.

Furthermore, the community wishes to mark the City of Edmonton’s by its imprint, by participating in a wide variety of city programs, projects and volunteer activities such as the city clean up, educational assistance to children in difficulty, to name a few.

The organization and functioning of the association are governed by 3 core values: INTEGRITY – RESPECT – SOLIDARITY

Our Mission

The CAE-ACE main mission is to watch and strengthen the links which unite its members, by maintaining a convenient frame of meetings and exchanges and by serving as interlocutor with the local authorities.

The focus is therefore to serve our local community through empowerment, cultural enrichment, social/professional integration and education of men, women, youth and children, thereby fostering togetherness and excellence in our collective pursuits.

CAE-ACE therefore manage all its resources to promote and publicise all Cameroonian initiatives in town and even further.    The ultimate goal is :

  • To bring all Cameroonian men and women in Edmonton     under our National Association
  • To create opportunities for networking and information sharing in helping our community
  • To promote and integrate our rich and diversified culture among our youth
  • To create a positive awareness of our National heritage within Edmonton and Canada
  • To work in collaboration with community groups in    Edmonton and Canada
  • To help make Edmonton an even better place to live.

Our Meetings

Meetings  are held every last Saturday  of the month (see Calendar). We  signed an agreement with Ritchie Community League   to have a permanent meeting  place, convenient, easy accessible  and providing convenient  parking spots   to accommodate  up to  60 cars. Furthermore, parents attending meetings with their  kids  don’t need to worry because   they can enjoy in the recreational park  which is part of the complex.

We meet @ 7727 98 street from 4pm to 6pm.