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Generally called town of the seven hills, Yaoundé is the political capital of Cameroon and also the headquarters of the Centre region. It was made political capital since 1921 and continued occupying this position even after independence. The presidential palace is located at Etoudi quarters at the top of a small hill. This is one of the best and most guarded presidencies in Africa. It is the residence of the president of the republic.

This town has one of the most hospitable climates in Cameroon. It contains all the ministries in the country, higher institutions of education, a big football stadium (Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium), several embassies andmilitary headquarters .


It is the economic capital of Cameroon, also serving as the main entrance into the country through its International airport and sea port at the Atlantic coast. It has a population of over 2 million inhabitants coming from different areas of the country. This is in part due to the fact that 75 % of industrial activities in Cameroon are carried out here. This is a centre of attraction for migrants principally youths from rural areas in search of jobs. This town is today facing several infrastructural problems due to an increase in population such as severe traffic jam at rush hours, urban pollution from poor sewage disposal mechanisms, rapid growth of urban ghettoes etc.


If a visitor decided on visiting only one location in Cameroon, Bamenda stands out as one of the most attractive and picturesque site to visit. It is the capital of the North West Region with a population of more than 500 000 dynamic people. It has a rich cultural diversity marked by very attractive, colorful traditional costumes, fine arts and handicrafts from clay, raffia palm fiber and other local materials. Another aspect about this town is the fact it is one of the cleanest towns in the country. It is also one of the cheapest towns to live in.


Most Cameroonian cities owe tribute to Edea for being the main supplier of Hydro electrical Power in Cameroon. This industrial town has a population of over 300 000 inhabitants and is a stop over on the Douala-Yaounde highway. Edea is important for its two hydro electric dams, one visible from the road and another at Songloulou, situated some 20 km from the urban centre. Three quarters of the electricity produced by the first dam is used directly in the Aluminum industry found there (ALUCAM). This industry is a driving force in the economy in Edea, producing over 200 000 tons of aluminum and employing over 1000 workers.


This is another very attractive town in Cameroon. It is an English speaking town like Bamenda but contrary to the latter, it is an area where agro industrial plantations have been highly promoted under the auspices of the CDC.

Besides agriculture, Limbe is the Petrol capital of the republic. The main petroleum refinery in Cameroon (Societe nationale de rafinage; SONARA) is found in Limbe. Limbe is very attractive and well noted for its constant sea breezes which blow across the town. Another principal attraction of the town is the Limbe Botanical garden with a high biodiversity of fauna and flora species.


Kribi is renowned for its popular beach locations in Ngo'e and near the Lobé Waterfalls. Kribi is equally very popular for its roasted fish. Fishermen typically come in from the sea on week-ends and sell fresh fishes that tourists can then buy and have roasted in many restaurants around the beach.

Beyond its beaches and touristic amenities, Kribi is becoming a strategic pool in the economical development of Cameroon, with the construction of the Deep Sea Port.

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