Tax Clinics


April 1st - 30, 2017

(Various locations)





As each year, the Cameroonian Association of Edmonton is partnering with Canada Revenue Agency in helping people filling their income taxes. It is a free service offered to people without any nationality preference. Our volunteers are trained, assessed and screened by the CRA and abide to specific constraints.


Please note that our volunteers are Fulltime workers and their availability may vary from week to week, depending on their business working hours and/or personnal needs. Tax Clinics serviced by the Cameroonian Association of Edmonton are offered from our volunteers houses.




What you need for your Tax appointment ?


Please bring the following documents (as they apply to you)


  • T4, T4A and T5 slips
  • T5007 slips
  • T2202A slip: Tuition, Education, Textbook
  • RC62 slip, Universal child care statement
  • One piece of government issued ID
  • Social insurance number
  • Bank account number for direct deposit
  • Bus passes & bus pass receipts
  • Receipts for charitable donations
  • Medical and dental receipts for you/your spouse/children
  • Child care receipts, name and address of licensed daycare
  • Receipts for children’s fitness programs
  • Receipts for moving expenses (moved 40km close to school or work)
  • RRSP contribution slips
  • Photocopy of utility bill with your name
  • Alberta personal health care cards for you, your spouse and children
  • Any other useful document




Eligibility threshold





1 Person


1 Adult + 1 child




Every additional person











We cannot provide assistance for:


  • Deceased persons
  • Individuals who reported bankruptcy
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Individuals who report capital gains or losses
  • Individuals who report employment expenses, or business or Rental income and expenses
  • Farming and Fishing Income
  • Income from Interest exceeding $1000
  • Any other complex tax returns






We offer FREE Income Tax Clinics based on Appointment and Drop-off service.

Please call our Tax Program coordinator to book an appointment.


- Julien SIMO 780.655.7474






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CAE-ACE is helping filling Income Taxes. Starting April 1st 2017


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